On Facebook, Not Everyone Loves Demi Lovato (2019-11-10)

Demi Lovato is pulling in a lot of Facebook fans. As of 2019-11-10, Demi Lovato has 36,627,279 likes on their facebook page, 35,360,195 followers and has been adding to the page since March 21, 2008. We analyzed the couple-dozen latest posts from Demi Lovato and found some crazy stuff. First, check out the most shared post (ID 10156674333444756) with a whopping 4,538 shares, 40,383 reactions (including 15,659 likes, 1,164 ‘loves’ and 39 ‘wow’s) and 1,070 comments:

15,659 likes is quite a bit! But not everything is positive. There is another post from Demi Lovato that was a little controversial (ID 10156699244679756, with 109 angry reactions:

And in addition, Demi Lovato has plenty of posts on their page that don’t get all that much attention. Just take a look at this one (ID 10156653772344756):

This post has just 180 shares, 260 comments and 11,237 total reactions, with 2,986 likes, 125 loves, 17 wow reactions, 5 haha reactions, 10 angry reactions and 5 sad reactions.

Now sure, 180 shares is still a lot for the average Facebook user.

OUR VERDICT: We did some very comprehensive research, digging through all of Demi Lovato’s latest social media activity, their stats, and what their fans are saying about them. Here’s our conclusion AS OF 2019-11-10: Demi Lovato is…

kicking ass and taking names 🙂

Sure Demi Lovato has their detractors, but the vast, vast majority are very positive lately, so we’re confident in this conclusion. But what do you think? Do you love Demi Lovato… or hate them? Is their popularity deserved? Let us know in the comments.

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