We Found Something Strange On Jowell y Randy’s Facebook (2019-10-16)

Jowell y Randy is really amping-up their Facebook. As of 2019-10-16, Jowell y Randy has 7,215,164 likes on their facebook page, 6,940,865 followers and has been maintaining the page since November 16, 2007. We analyzed the couple-dozen latest posts from Jowell y Randy and found some very curious things. First, check out the most shared post (ID 10156770089476242) with a whopping 47 shares, 1,487 reactions (including 479 likes, 12 ‘loves’ and 4 ‘wow’s) and 143 comments:

479 likes is darn high! But there is some anger in the air as well. Turns out this same innocous post also has 3 angry reactions (guess you can’t please everyone…). And in addition, Jowell y Randy has plenty of posts on their page that don’t get all that much attention. Just take a look at this one (ID 10156815619941242):

This post has ZERO shares (yes – not a single one as of the time of writing), zero comments and 9 total reactions, with 296 likes, 32 loves, 20 wow reactions, zero haha reactions, 5 angry reactions and zero sad reactions.

THE BOTTOM LINE: We did extensive research, looking through all of Jowell y Randy’s latest social media postings, their stats, and what people are saying about them. This is our conclusion AS OF 2019-10-16: Jowell y Randy is…

Doing great 🙂

Sure Jowell y Randy has their enemies, but the vast, vast majority are very positive lately, so we’re confident in this conclusion. But what do you think? Do you love Jowell y Randy… or hate them? Is their popularity deserved? Let us know in the comments.

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